Among Your Kind

by Kelsey Jarboe

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zolop The sound of her heartbeat, the sound of the cello, the sound her shoes hitting the floor creating the temp for the sound, the sound of the breeze, it calms me, my tranquility nearly completely. Favorite track: Among Your Kind.
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"Listening to this album “Among Your Kind” by Kelsey Jarboe is like coming across a small room at the back of a gallery, filled with amazingly beautiful paintings by an artist as yet unknown, but perhaps not for much longer.

Field recordings commingle here with spare instrumentation, evoking images of what one might call the “American Scene circa 2010.” Images, that is, of burnout, bankruptcy, and dread, but of hope and the possibility of redemption as well.

Really great stuff, in other words — and already one of my favorite electronic/experimental albums of the year."

-- Love and Mathematics (


released January 10, 2010

All tracks written and performed by Kelsey Jarboe. Tracks 2, 5, and 6 include cello performances by Chis Carroll.




Kelsey Jarboe Boston, Massachusetts

Sound designer and electronic music trickster sprite.

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Track Name: These Flowers are Dead
These flowers are dead, this job is okay
but there's this lady who is so afraid of lasers
she makes me scan all her food by hand
cause if I don't then it's my fault if she gets cancer

These flowers are dead, my dreams are okay
but they're just composites of subconscious desires
with brief glimpses of the next dimension
so they are meaningless despite what they inspire

Then oh my God, there you were
smiling at me like you were supposed to be there
My long lost darling, can't you see
what your silence did to me?

Those flowers were dead before they arrived
I was obsessed and you were scared of the commitment
So now you live with somebody new
and I was living my life perfectly without you

Till oh my God, there you were
smiling at me like you were supposed to be there
My long lost darling, can't you see
what your silence did to me?
Track Name: Without You I'm Nothing
I am too homely to be worth your time
Just get to know me, you might be surprised
You cannot think with this noise in your head
You Would rather be staying in bed

Years have gone by and still it hurts the same
You break down and cry upon hearing her name
And I cannot count all the thing that you've tried
You would rather be going outside

I tried to fix you but what do I know
You've been arrested from personal growth
And I cannot speak with this voice in my head
You would rather be staying in bed